Manicure & Pedicure

Nails are shaped and filed, cuticles pushed back and cut, if desired, followed by a hand massage with moisturizing lotion and hot towel before polish is applied.
Polish Change ManicureQuick file of nails and apply polish.
Shellac Manicure
The Shellac UV Color combines the ease of nail polish with the long lasting effect of gels. The hypoallergenic color goes on like polish, is hardened by a UV Lamp, and lasts about 14 days. We also do shellac polish removal (please note, if Shellac is not removed properly, bumps and/or ridges on the nail can occur.)
Shellac Manicure
Intensive removal of calluses and dead skin using special products and tools, followed by shaping, filing, pushing back cuticles (cut if desired), waxing of the toes and feet, foot and leg exfoliation, mask and massage followed by hot towel and polish application.
Polish Change PedicureQuick file and clean up of nails and apply polish.
Spa PedicureA regular pedicure adding a longer foot and leg massage and extra mask for the feet and legs.
Hot Stone PedicureA regular pedicure adding a hot stone massage on the feet and legs.
Reflexology PedicureHalf hour foot massage followed by a full pedicure.
Add Dazzle Dry Polish to any Treatment
Dazzle Dry is a unique four-step system that delivers advanced performance without the use of harsh chemicals. Long Lasting Fast Drying Non Toxic
Dazzle Dry Polish
Add French Polish to any Treatment
French Polish