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Body and Skin Care


Our aestheticians have many years of experience and great knowledge of hair removal techniques. They are also make-up artists and know how to shape eyebrows appropriately for each individual.

For facial waxing and sensitive skin, we use a low temperature cream wax of tea tree oil, which is known for its soothing and antiseptic properties or a European hard wax, which is virtually pain free.  For larger areas (legs, arms, back, etc.), chamomile wax with gold mica removes hair gently and efficiently.

We try to make an uncomfortable procedure pleasant by using an antiseptic pre-depilatory numbing gel which also helps to anesthetize the skin. After waxing, we use a product that gently removes all traces of wax from the skin – it is enriched with aloe vera to cleanse, moisturize, calm and soothe.

For those who are on either topical or oral medications, we offer blading as an alternative to facial waxing. A specially designed face razor is used and hair does not grow back any differently than before blading.

Hair growth varies from one person to the next. Prices may differ depending on the time and effort required to remove the hair successfully. Visit our Darien, CT day spa location for a consultation.