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Body and Skin Care


Williams & Company prides itself on the most relaxing and enjoyable massage in Darien, CT. Our therapists will discuss your needs and recommend the type of massage best suited for you. Sixty or ninety minute treatments are available unless otherwise noted.

Swedish Massage

Helps reduce the effects of stress, relaxes tense muscles, increases blood circulation and decreases chronic pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Facilitates trigger point release and aids in the relief of muscular tension and pain.

Sports Massage

For individuals with soft tissue injuries, either heat or cryotherapy may be applied along with friction techniques to aid recovery from physical trauma.

Pregnancy Massage

A full body relaxation massage using special bolsters for comfort, with light or deep pressure as you prefer.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Foot massage based on the principle that pressure on the 26 pressure points found on the hands and feet stimulates or depresses the organs of the body, controls the release of hormones and enhances cardio-vascular performance. A thirty-minute treatment.


Hot Stone

Uses smooth, heated stones to deeply relax the body and warm up tight muscles.


Regular massage enhanced by essential oils to target specific problems.