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Erno laszlo

Dr. Erno Laszlo, renowned European dermatologist, was a visionary who created the first skin care line over seventy-five years ago. He based his line on five basic principles, including the splashing technique, the critical importance of “clocking” skin types, and the daily rituals, all to deliver perfect healthy skin.

Dr. Laszlo cared for a legendary list of high society complexions including those of Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Dr. Laszlo pioneered the now common concepts of SPF and pH balance in skin care products. The line continues the same theories and still treats an impressive roster of well-known devotees including Nicole Kidman and Sting, who understand the value of splashing their faces thirty times with water to achieve the “Laszlo Glow”. We do not yet know the value of retinol products over a long period of time, but we have seen the wonders of the Laszlo ritual since its inception in the 1930’s.

There is a customized routine for each client’s special needs and products depend on your type of skin.

The Erno Laszlo product line prescribed for your skin type is available for purchase at Williams & Company right here in Darien, CT.

In addition, we offer the following special Laszlo products to boost your regimen:

Timeless Skin Serum

Prevents and stops signs of aging while restoring texture and elasticity

Transphuse Line

Rejuvenates tired, dull skin by erasing fine lines and wrinkles with skin strengthening ingredients that help promote elastin

Formula 3-9 Repair Line

“Health dome”- this nourishing, soothing balm rapidly heals and rescues skin while reversing dehydration

Firmarine Line

Lifts and firms, hydrates, protects with seawater and marine actives